Services Marketing

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

Marketing Chair and PetSmart Chair in Service Leadership Amy Ostrom wanted to understand how service robots might positively influence customers’ frontline experiences in the future. Learn why she believes today’s daily technological interactions are paving the way for greater acceptance of humanoid robots.

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Takeover attempts: seeing past the shenanigans

Why do companies reject bids? That’s the question Thomas Bates, chair of the finance department, set out to answer with his co-author. …


A century of turnover

Professor of Management Peter Hom looks at the past 100 years of employee loss and replacement in the …


What are consumers willing to pay for branded energy drinks? The eyes have it

New research by Assistant Professor of Agribusiness Carola Grebitus and her co-authors examines the purchasing behavior of energy drink consumers. The results show people are not always willing to pay more for their …

Competitive Strategy

Helping businesses run smarter

The first Economic Club of Phoenix Luncheon of the 2017-2018 season features Ken Lamneck, president and CEO of Insight. He discusses how technology is both supporting and becoming business, and why companies must …

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