Arizona job and population growth slow but steady in 2018

W. P. Carey economist Lee McPheters said at the 54th Annual Economic Forecast Luncheon that the state must invest in infrastructure to support the expansion.

Research Professor of Economics Lee McPheters, who is the director of the JPMorgan Chase Economic Outlook Center at the W. P. Carey School of Business, expects Arizona to continue attracting people from other states but said additional population could put a strain on the Valley’s resources.

In this post on ASU Now on Nov. 29, 2017:

“We expect steady, sustainable but not spectacular growth — certainly better than most places. We’re close to a top 10 growth state but not in the top five.”

Listen to McPheter’s entire 2018 outlook for Arizona at the 54th Annual Economic Forecast Luncheon on Nov. 29, 2017:

Follow along with his slides:

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