Western States Land Commissioners Association

The Western States Land Commissioners Association (WSLCA) is dedicated to Helping States Fund Education.

The WSLCA mission is to create value for our beneficiaries through leadership, education and sound land management.

The association fulfills its mission in a variety of ways including:

  • Educating key decision-makers at a national level and advocating positions on a wide range of critical issues for land and resource management in the West.
  • Helping member states maximize the earnings and preserve the assets of educational trusts and encourage prudent administration of those trusts.
  • Developing, sharing and evaluating information regarding public land, water and other resource management policies and practices.
  • Sharing best practices and solutions regarding asset management challenges and land issues unique to western states.

Large Landowners Initiative

Dialogue, solutions and business models addressing complex issues associated with large landholdings.

The primary mission of The Large Landowners Initiative (LLI) at the W. P. Carey School of Business is fostering collaboration to synthesize real estate asset and natural resource management. LLI works on the unique set of issues relevant to large land holdings on multiple issues essential to those who do business, regulate, manage or govern public or private land holdings in the state, nation and internationally. The initiative addresses the complex issues that public and private entities face with ownership and management of large amounts of land. This unique Initiative focuses on real estate asset management, natural resource management, related public policy and the economic and financial impacts of those policies.

Owners of large land holdings, whether public or private, need to make critical decisions affecting their ownership over long development horizons taking into consideration and balancing, economic, regulatory, policy, and legal frameworks that change many times during their ownership tenure. The LLI offers workable real estate and natural resource management practices, reliable business models, long-range private and public planning approaches, experience-based knowledge, economic impact assessments through a network of associated practitioners and academics. LLI fosters solution-oriented dialogue with public and private industry, large land owners / land managers, Federal, State and local governments and other stakeholders to address the unique and complex issues associated with optimizing the value of land holdings relative to land ownership missions, visions and objectives.

WSLCA | LLI Data Sharing Partnership

WSLCA and the LLI have forged a Data Sharing Partnership creating an ASU hosted data sharing website to further the missions of each organization through sharing useful, relevant information driven by WSLCA member priorities. In January 2014 WSLCA created a strategic plan to outline and address member priorities.  The Data Sharing Partnership between WSLCA and LLI is an outcome of the strategic plan to facilitate collaboration on issues of national importance, share information and new opportunities accessible to the parties on a single platform.  The WSLCA Data Sharing Strategic Initiative White Paper identifies and supports the enormous value proposition of a single data sharing platform to WSLCA members and ASU. ASU and WSLCA created The WSLCA Data Sharing Initiative Committee. The purpose of the committee is to ensure support for the Data Sharing Partnership is streamlined, efficient, in line with WSLCA and ASU priorities, and outlines a process to keep the Data Sharing Partnership responsive and adaptable to later identified or changing needs.