About the Center

Committed to the study of the role economic liberty and the free enterprise system play in increasing opportunity and improving well-being, the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty seeks to advance our understanding through independent thinking, scholarly debate, factual argument, and clear, honest communication of research and policy findings. The center is a non-partisan academic unit within the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University; our scholars enjoy academic freedom and share with each other a basic commitment to a freer, more prosperous world.

Founded in 2014, the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty is dedicated to serving students and the public through research, education, and community outreach on the most pressing economic national and international economic policy issues.

Funding for the Center for Economic Liberty

Our operations are financed by donations from foundations, individuals, and alumni who share an interest in advancing our understanding and continuously improving the institutions that make us free and prosperous. The research agenda of the center is determined by the scholars, fellows, and staff members of the center, but the content of any research is determined by the individual conducting the research.

Student Programs

The center is proud to support undergraduate students in research projects, conference travel, and through paid internships whenever possible, and is based on available resources. Additional consideration is given to the potential the project and the student(s) have in adding value to the center and our understanding of the wealth and well-being of people.