Conform and Reform: How Arizona Policymakers Can Use Federal Tax Reform as a Spur to Reform Arizona’s Income Tax System
Stephen Slivinski and Paul Bernert
February 28, 2018

When I was Six: Murray Rothbard Memorial Lecture
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Summer 2015. 18, number 2, pp.126-139.
William J. Boyes
August 25, 2015

Economic Development in the Midst of Growing Regulations
Journal of Economics and Development Studies (forthcoming)
Scott Beaulier and William J. Boyes

On Your Mark, Get Set, Develop!
Oxford Handbook of Austrian Economics (forthcoming)
Scott Beaulier with Daniel Smith

Leaders matter in the process of economic transition and can signal a credible commitment to market reforms or hamper growth prospects.

The Keynesian Multiplier Ignores Crucial Opportunity Costs
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Fall 2014. 17, number 4, pp.327-337.
William J. Boyes

The Keynesian multiplier does not properly account for opportunity cost and therefore carries less weight in policy discussions.