Troy Schmitz

Troy Schmitz is associate professor in the Morrison School of Agribusiness in the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He is also senior sustainability scholar in the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability and is an affiliated faculty member in the Center for Environmental Economics and Sustainability Policy.

Professor Schmitz has taught PhD courses in advanced agribusiness, applied econometrics, and microeconomic theory. He has taught MSc courses in international agricultural policy, applied econometrics, mathematical agricultural economics, managerial economics for agribusiness, and the agribusiness capstone. He has taught MBA courses in managerial economics and global business environment. He has also taught BSc courses in global food and agricultural policy, food and agricultural policy issues, economics of biofuels and biotechnology, agribusiness analysis, applied microeconomics, applied statistics, principles of microeconomics, and computer applications for agribusiness industries.

Professor Schmitz is co-author of two edited volumes on food security, a graduate-level textbook on agricultural policy, agribusiness, and rent-seeking behavior, an edited volume on international agricultural trade disputes, and an edited volume on agribusiness e-commerce. He has published 49 peer-reviewed journal articles in 24 different academic journals ranging from the ​Journal of Political Economy​ to the ​American Journal of Agricultural Economics​ and has 29 book chapters appearing in 18 different edited volumes.

He has published papers on a wide variety of subjects, including: agricultural policy, global agricultural trade, food policy, food security, applied welfare economics, benefit-cost analysis, biofuels policy, biotechnology policy, environmental economics, economic analysis of sugar, cattle, corn, cotton, barley, wheat, tobacco, soybeans, canola, and poultry markets, agribusiness e-commerce, and golf economics. Portions of his work have been translated into French, Turkish, German, and Spanish.



SEED Grant ISSR: Meeting consumers’ demand for U.S. beef: Analysis of U.S. beef from a European consumers’ perspective – the role of country-of-origin labelling. Co-PI with PI C. Grebitus, Arizona State University; 2018, $8,000.