Five Day-Program

Arizona State University, USA
January 6-10, 2021

Morning session – Theory: 9:00am to 12:00pm
Afternoon session – Applications: 1:30pm to 5:30pm


Day Morning Schedule Afternoon Schedule
Day 1: Survey design with Carola Grebitus Introduction to auctions; Theoretical background on attitudes, risk preferences, trust, personality; Validated scales to measure attitudes, risk preferences, general trust, personality Designing a questionnaire with “paper & pencil” and Qualtrics; Design own study I
Day 2: Auctions with Matt Rousu and Carola Grebitus Introduction to auctions; Designing laboratory auction experiments; Combining auctions with survey instruments; Combining auctions with sensory tests Conducting a non-hypothetical, lab auction study; Design own study II
Day 3: Choice experiments with Jayson Lusk and Vincenzina Caputo Introduction to stated choice surveys and experimental design; Full and fractional factorial designs; Orthogonal and efficient designs Designing a choice experiment with the experimental design software Ngene; Programming a choice experiment survey in Qualtrics; Design own study III
Day 4: Modeling with Vincenzina Caputo and Jayson Lusk Tobit Model; Multinomial Logit; Mixed Logit; Willingness to Pay Models Computer exercises with estimation software (Nlogit and Stata); Design own study IV
Day 5: Deriving recommendations & Study design with David Just, Vincenzina Caputo, and Carola Grebitus Interpretation of results; Depiction of results; Deriving recommendations for stakeholders. How to assess published evidence from the literature in light of strength of internal and external validity. This helps in creating policy recommendations, and in determining the strength of potential contributions to the literature. Presentation of own study design and feedback

Note: The organizers reserve the right to adjust the program as needed.