How insecure workers hurt companies

Businesses should take note of new research by Assistant Professor of Management Ned Wellman that finds workers who feel insecure are more likely to do bad things that hurt the bottom line.

We’ve all heard the saying, “One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.” This adage also applies to people. Studies have found that when employees don’t feel appreciated, they’re less likely to go above and beyond on the job. This feeling can turn the attitudes and morale of other team members, rapidly changing a positive working environment into a negative one. New research by Assistant Professor of Management Ned Wellman shows workers who feel undervalued are also more likely to take actions that have a bad financial impact on the company.

In this 91.5 KJZZ article and podcast:

“I do think this is sort of death by paper cuts, if you will,” he explained. “One person falsifying one taxi receipt not a big deal, but over time if enough people do that then it does make a significant impact on the bottom line.”