ServiceFriday: Interesting Reads for Service and Beyond

Compete Through Service event attendees and SparkyWelcome to the CSL’s “ServiceFriday”. Each Friday we post three summaries from some of our favorite sources from research literature, news articles, blogs, and more. The posts are curated to cover topics that are interesting, relevant, and thought provoking in the realm of service, business, education, and beyond. If you like our blog and posts, we’d also love it if you’d share with your networks!

This Week’s ServiceFriday Posts: August 9, 2019

Customers: Your Most Valued Resource in Innovation
This article provides insight into how utilizing customers’ feedback and collaboration through social media platforms can increase brand innovation, and which stimuli are most successful in engaging customers.

Less Promotion Creates Higher Profits
This study presents contradictory findings that promotional advertising and customer word of mouth are actually harmful to firms in a competitive market.  

Keeping Customers Happy in a Rapidly Changing Service Industry
With the addition of new technologies in the service industry, this article delves into the three different spaces businesses must now be aware of and how to weave them together to successfully create a positive customer experience.


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