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Welcome to the CSL’s “ServiceFriday”. Each Friday we post three summaries from some of our favorite sources from research literature, news articles, blogs, and more. The posts are curated to cover topics that are interesting, relevant, and thought provoking in the realm of service, business, education, and beyond. If you like our blog and posts, we’d also love it if you’d share with your networks!

ServiceFriday Posts for September 6, 2019

Who is Blamed in a Service Failure?
This article highlights how an outside observer of a service failure will determine who to attribute blame to (either the service provider or the customer), and the implications involved.

Twitter – The Key to Maintaining Positive Relationships with Customers
This article examines the benefits of utilizing social media platforms such as Twitter as a service recovery tool.

Should Different Advertising Practices be Used for Niche Versus Popular Products?
Four different e-tailer communication strategies and their relative influence on niche versus popular products are analyzed in this article.

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