The Community of Practice (CoP) on Monetizing Data and Analytics is a group of CSL Member firms co-led by a CSL Faculty Network member and a CSL Board member with a specific expertise and interest in this topic. The community focuses on theory and practice of driving commercial innovation for monetizing innovative services through data and analytics. Since its inception in summer of 2016, the community has been working together to define a road-map for navigating the transformation and culture change needed for accelerating innovation and growth through data and analytics. The group holds regular meetings diving into different aspects of successfully leveraging big data and analytics for top-line service revenue and bottom-line profit growth. This CoP allows CSL Member firms to exchange ideas and practices with peers and experts, learn from best practices, develop and apply new knowledge in leading their organizations. 

CoP on Monetizing Big Data and Analytics Content Collection

Podcast: Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Create Value

Interview with Dr. Peter Verhoef, a professor of Marketing at the University of Groningen and a co-author of “Creating Value with Big Data Analytics”

Webinar: Creating Value with Big Data Analytics 

A deeper dive in the topic with Dr. Peter Verhoef. Webinar hosted by MSI.

Webinar: Driving Business Value from Digital Transformation

Webinar with Dr. Michael Wade, Professor of Innovation and Strategy and Cisco Chair in Digital Business Transformation, at IMD Business School, located in Lausanne, Switzerland and Director of the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco Initiative

Webinar: Case Study. Vixxo – Monetizing Data & Analytics

Webinar with Warren Weller, Vixxo Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Why Data-Driven Growth is so Difficult

Blog post by Dr. Thomas Ritter, Professor of Market Strategy and Business Development and Academic Director of CBS Competitiveness Platform of Department of Strategic Management and Globalization at Copenhagen Business School.

Webinar: From Data to Profits: Ingredients for Successful Data-Driven Business Development

A deeper dive into the topic with Dr. Thomas Ritter