James M. Curran, University of South Florida
Matthew L. Meuter, California State University

There is clearly rapid growth of technological applications being used in the customer – firm interactions. In most situations where a technological service delivery option is implemented, existing customer are already using an interpersonal service delivery approach. This research helps us to better understand how consumers can be encouraged to switch from the interpersonal mode to a technologically based service delivery mode.

Here a predictive model based on consumer attitudes and anticipated outcomes (such as utility, enjoyment and social acceptance) is used to predict intentions to switch to a technologically based service delivery approach. The research was conducted within the banking industry. As expected, consumer attitudes toward technology were critical. In addition, it was determined that enjoyment is a stronger predictor of intentions to change than utility, even in the banking context.


This research paper appeared in the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Fall 2007, 15 (4), pg. 281-296.