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Simplifying the Customer Experience

Salvador Bravo
Cast and Hue
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Rob Leavitt
Senior Vice President
Customer Experience and the Innovation Imperative
Orchestrating a consistent, value-focused, increasingly digital customer experience is hard enough for service organizations. But now add one more ingredient: Innovation. The more we move into the connected economy, the more our B2B clients and customers prioritize business innovation. And the more they value service providers that continuously feed them with new ideas and approaches which they can use to deliver more value, make life easier, and build loyalty with their end customers.  This session will explore the innovation imperative and identify successful new approaches to build collaborative innovation programs into the end-to-end customer experience, especially with your most important accounts. Based on ITSMA research and case study examples from some of the world’s leading technology and business services organizations, the session will provide participants with practical advice and lessons learned to develop and improve their own co-creation initiatives.

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

Neil Farmer
Vice President, Operations
A & W Food Services of Canada
Creating a Customer Focused Climate

Everyone is trying to differentiate themselves on the basis of products or services, but the only thing which truly differentiates one firm from another is the people.  Neil will talk about how A & W manages to create a climate of “caring for guests” with over 20,000 employees at 900 locations in Canada.

Ron Zelinski
Vice President, Global Customer Service
Coherent, Inc.
Putting Them in Their Place: Creating a Customer-Centric Culture for Success

At 50 years old, Coherent Inc. achieved new levels of success having shattered the $1B revenue “barrier”, surpassed $5B in market capitalization and completed the largest acquisition in the history of the Photonics industry.  This presentation covers the journey of building a customer-centric culture within a high technology product company, how it enabled business success and facilitated the highly complex new company integration process.
Donovan Roberson
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Mastering Disruptive Change

R. Gary Bridge
Managing Director
Snow Creek Advisors LLC
Formerly SVP and Global Lead
Cisco Systems, Inc.
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Jim Rembach
Beyond Morale
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Jeanelle Sallenave
Head of Uber Support, North America
A Ride on the Uber Rocketship: Lessons Learned in Building the Support Function for a Company that Breaks (Almost) All the Rules

Uber started in 2010 to solve a simple problem: how do you get a ride at the push of a button? 7 years and 5 billion trips later, we operate a global ridesharing platform in 76 countries on 6 continents. During this time, our support organization has gone through multiple reinventions; everything from from part-time staff to work-from-home staff to outsourcing models to centers of excellence to machine learning in dozens of languages. Join Janelle as she shares practical lessons learned from a support organization driven by disruptive innovation and what it takes for an organization to thrive in this environment.

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