A Unique Once-A-Year Opportunity

CTS is the first and only university-based program exclusively dedicated to excellence in service and services.  There is no other conference in the world that brings the business world and academia with one specific focus: Competing through and leveraging service for competitive advantage. The Symposium is more than a conference, it is a gathering of the brightest minds who share a passion for service. Attendees come from various backgrounds and across all industries. They are business executives and service champions, along with some of the leading service researchers and practitioners. Also, there is representation from university students who are on the path to becoming the next service leaders. Over the course of two and a half days, our attendees are fully immersed in the experience of learning and engaging with one another while absorbing and truly connecting with the presentations and speakers. 

Hear from the Experts and Learn New Trends, Strategies, and Tactics

Our speakers are proven business and academic leaders, strategists, practitioners, and peers. Our selection process for speakers is as rigorous as you will find anywhere, making sure that you are hearing from the best. You will get a solid grounding in tried-and-true service strategies, unique insights, and cutting edge future-forward thinking for what is next to come for service excellence, therefore changing how the world does business.

Immerse Yourself in an Interactive Programming Format 

The Symposium is the leading university based conference for advancing service leadership and knowledge. We will keep you engaged throughout the program by combining keynote presentations and five breakout workshops, along with our new “ServiceThinkTank”. The think tank consists of a thought leader keynote, interactive roundtable sessions led by top experts in the services field, and brief lightning talks by leading service researchers.  

Get Inspired and Spread the Impact

Our attendees consistently tell us that they leave CTS recharged with actionable tools and frameworks that they can take away and apply when they return to the office. By attending you will bring knowledge back with you to your team to present, discuss, and help you to get set to make a change.

You Should Attend if You…

  • Lead or are charged with leading service initiatives within your organization
  • Support service initiatives within your organization and would like to gain further knowledge on best practices
  • Want to gain a greater understanding of service delivery and execution so that you may bring the best practices you learn back with you to your team and organization
  • Wish to expand your network of thought leaders who truly understand the importance of service delivery and how to stay on top of their game
  • Want to shift your organization from product based models to a more service-oriented one

You will benefit from CTS if you are a C-suite Executive (CEO, COO, CMO, CSO, CCO), EVP, SVP, Director, Manager, Consultant or Professional in these areas: Customer Experience (CX), Service Strategy, Service Management, Client Services, Sales & Business Development, Customer Support or Advocacy, Marketing Communications, Business Operations, Service Operations and Quality, Product and Service Development, or any professional who must understand how to use service and services as a source of competitive advantage benefit from the Compete Through Service Symposium.