Company specific educational programs are conducted exclusively for our business partners. From half-day workshops to multi-day seminars, we work closely with the organization to diagnose specific challenges and offer strategic solutions. The CSL’s research faculty partners with companies to provide thought-provoking sessions and orchestrate interactive team-based applications to meet specific needs.

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Company Specific Education FAQs:

Why choose the Center for Services Leadership?
The Center for Services Leadership (CSL) has been inspiring leadership among business professionals, academics and students since 1985 as the definitive global source for research and education on the topic of competing through service(s). The CSL acts as a trusted education partner delivering world-class executive programs, research projects and facilitating the recruitment of MBA students trained in a unique strategic marketing concentration.

What does the Center mean by “services”?
Firms can compete profitably through service in a variety of different ways. Through our research and work with companies, we have identified four keys themes as the primary ways firms compete through service. If your firm is seeking to develop one or more of these strategies, the Center can be a resource for you: 1. Demonstrating exemplary, “out of the box” customer service, 2. Creating Innovative, cutting edge services, 3. Adding new value-added, revenue-producing service initiatives, 4. Establishing a service culture that differentiates.

Why create a company-specific experience?
For leaders in organizations who need current information and tools to compete through the strategic use of services, the CSL Company Specific Education (CSE )Programs offer a high-level experience that stimulates solutions-oriented thinking for their key challenges. By selecting a CSL program, you will gain an opportunity to spend time engaged in focused dialogue and problem solving with world-class faculty and your colleagues while enjoying the beauty of the ASU campus and the prestigious W. P. Carey School of Business. The Center has the unique ability to bring together internationally recognized, cutting-edge experts in services who are thoroughly grounded in practical business application. The companies who have worked with us have found the experience to be transformational for their service culture.

How does the Center identify and understand my company’s needs?
The CSL works closely with a company and its key associates to diagnose and understand the specific challenges and opportunities around services leadership, services marketing and cultural transformation. The CSL then crafts a unique learning experience pulling from a variety of topics, modules and world-class presenters, addressing the particular goals and desired outcomes of the company. The course leaders, who represent thought-leading faculty plus select business executives, create compelling sessions and orchestrate interactive team-based application to meet the specific needs of each company. To ensure that the sessions are relevant, applicable and engaging, the CSL leadership team ensures that the involved faculty have a strong understanding of the company’s challenges, cultural issues, executives in attendance, goals for the program, etc. To provide a degree of objectivity in order to challenge the attendees, these course leaders do not become “experts” in the company or its industry, but strive to understand enough to be conversant in the strategic issues at hand. We also endeavor to make a distinction between education partner and “consultant”. The Center does not engage in consulting, but in some cases can refer to you to individual faculty or organizations who can help you with your consulting needs.

What teaching methods do you employ?
SL programs make use of various company examples to drive home the lessons of competing through service. We have found that these cross-industry, cross-functional examples help attendees realize insights and potential beyond the routine problems and solutions of their own company and industry. In addition, we use a variety of teaching methods that appeal to the executive learner such as cases, skill building exercises, short presentations, interactive discussions and team based projects. Sufficient time is allowed for guided discussions to take the application of the program ideas and tools to the next level.

How long can a program be?
CSE Programs are typically conducted for CSL member firms only and range from half-day workshops to multi-day seminars.

What time of year do you schedule your programs?
Available time frames to hold a CSE program conducted by the CSL on the ASU Campus typically occur in January, April/May, September and late November/December, depending on the length and complexity of the program.

What are some possible topics and modules?
The CSL can tailor a range of topics for your company’s specific needs and issues including, but not limited to, the following:Habits of Highly Effective Service Leaders; Delivering Service Quality Every Time; The Services Triangle: Keeping Promises to Customers;Service Blueprinting: Building Services from the Customer’s Point of View; Service Failure Recovery: Restoring Confidence, Renewing Loyalty, and Raising Revenues; High-Performance, Co-Producing Customers as a Competitive Advantage; “Gaps” Model Analyses; The Service Profit Chain; Discovering the Soul of Service: The Drivers of Sustainable Business Success; Leading Change; Breakthrough Leadership Practices; The 7 Ps of Services Marketing; Persuasion: The Ultimate Sales and Leadership Tool; Making Sound, Ethical Decisions is Good Business; Implementing Successful Self-Service Technologies; High-Performing Account Managers; The Strategic Use of Service (a case study); Services in Action at the Shouldice Hospital (a case study).

What business speakers can be used?
We’ve used many top business leaders from various industries as speakers on our programs with great success. We find that our clients learn a great deal from hearing speakers outside their own industry – it stimulates new ideas and approaches.

What will the Center’s role be in putting the program together?
Needs assessment conducted by a CSL associate director on-site at the company; Program and curriculum design tailored to company needs and objectives; Faculty recruitment and orientation to company needs and objectives; Regularly scheduled communication between the CSL and key company contact during curriculum design and program planning; Facilitation of attendee “take-away” sessions to apply program content to the company; One of the CSL’s faculty on-site during majority of the program to help facilitate discussion.; Sessions led by senior faculty members and business executives who tailor their presentations to the company’s needs; A program binder for all participants with materials related to the presentations and logistical information; Logistical coordination of A/V set-up, catering, parking, and other operations for programs held at the ASU campus; A summary of the course evaluations filled out by the attendees; Post-session analysis and dissemination of attendees’ “take-aways” from each day.

Can you give me some examples of past programs?
We have two case studies available from programs we have conducted: Yellow Transportation and RR Donnelley.

How do I get started?
Contact the Center for Services Leadership at 480-965-6201 or at