What is the program?

Service Blueprinting provides you with the skills to improve and sustain your service offerings – from the voice of the customer. It is taught by one of our world-class academic instructors who are leading experts in Service Blueprinting.

Specifically, this course will help show you how to:

  • Identify ways to build your services according to your customer’s needs, as well as eliminate potential failure points in your delivery efforts.
  • Assess and improve your existing services and processes.
  • Create a common platform for everyone – customers, employees and managers – to participate in the service innovation process.
  • Bring together people from across your organization through the use of a common technique to analyze and improve the customer experience.
  • Address the challenges of effectively delivering intangible services

Who should attend?

This program is perfect for organizations from across all industries, and those in roles such as: service design, service operations, service management and customer service, as well as any professional who can benefit from truly understanding and focusing on your customers.

What will I experience?

You will learn the blueprinting approach and process – five components that, when drawn up together, can help you make your customer-company relationship and the customer experience crystal-clear. You will then apply this technique to a specific service process in your own company, and design your own blueprint.

What will I have achieved?

By the end of the program you will have:

  • Learned the Service Blueprinting approach and technique
  • Blueprinted a specific process unique to your own organization
  • Identified potential gaps and improvements in a specific service process
  • Laid out next steps to confirm gaps and drive improvements
  • Secured insights into how to advance services blueprinting within your organization

You will also have access to a support network via our LinkedIn Service Blueprinting group.