Blueprinting service experiences

Blueprinting Service Experiences

Are you looking to:

  • Identify and capture productivity and customer experience improvements?
  • Design and launch new services and processes in a streamlined and customer-focused manner?
  • Build and embed a customer focus into the fabric of your organization?

If so, Service Blueprinting can help you to meet these objectives. Through our online course, in person instruction, and custom programs, we help you identify and drive significant value from the Service Blueprinting approach and technique.

Service Blueprinting is a versatile and practical technique used for service improvement and innovation. This technique allows you to clearly visualize your service processes and delivery from the customers’ point of view. The uniqueness of Service Blueprinting is the unrelenting focus on the customer as the center and foundation of your business. We have a free toolkit available on the right hand side of this page. There are resources that will help you to implement and learn more about the technique.

Ways to Learn Service Blueprinting

The CSL offers different formats to learn the technique of service blueprinting. Whether in person, as an integral part of Strategic Service Institute curriculum, or in the self-paced online course, Blueprinting Service Experiences, or custom programs specifically designed for your organization, we are here to help you grow your service design methodology. Contact Alicia Holder, Director of Business Partnerships for more information at:

We are currently offering special reduced pricing to enroll in the Blueprinting Service Experiences online course. The course is offered for free through June 30 for CSL Member firm employees and CSL Members, and $100 for CSL Non-members. Visit the registration link here or contact Alicia for more information and for the discount code.Blueprint graphic

Free Services Blueprinting Toolkit: