Program Overview

The Services Leadership Institute is now the Strategic Service Institute.  The Institute brings new knowledge, frameworks, and approaches into an actionable learning journey specifically for service foundations and strategic services leadership.

Attendees examine operational frameworks and take steps to achieve implementation.  SSI is a highly interactive program where participants bring their specific challenges, share current issues, and develop action plans to enable you and your team to lead and transform your service organization.  Participants can register and attend one module or both over the course of five days.  

What makes SSI unique?

  • Focused: Participants bring with them a specific services challenge that will be worked on during the course of the program with guidance from faculty experts.
  • Executive Coaching: An executive coach works directly with participants to develop an action plan for their particular service challenge.
  • Networking: Valuable connections are made with other professionals and program faculty during the program and beyond.

Sept. 11 – 13, 2017
Module 1 – Service Management – Certificate in Service Management

Topics Covered: Components Underpinning Excellence in Service Delivery; Designing the Service Experience with Service Blueprinting; Implementing and Delivering the Service Experience; Understanding the Impact of Service Experience on the Customer

Sept. 13 – 15, 2017
Module 2 – Advanced Service Leadership – Certificate in Advanced Service Leadership

Topics Covered: Unleashing Service Growth; Getting Closer to the Customer; Capturing Value from Services to Secure Profitable Growth; Leading the Service Organization

Pricing and Registration