• Are you responsible for service quality in customer experience, customer support and service or operations?
  • Are you charged with developing strategy in a service organization?
  • Would you like to be better at diagnosing and closing service performance gaps in your organization?

Course Description

Learn to identify the four service quality gaps in your organization and learn best practices for closing them.

Participants Will Be Able To

  • Define what service quality represents from the customer’s point of view.
  • Explain why service quality is important to organizations.
  • Describe the four provider gaps in the Service Quality Gaps model and know why they occur: The Listening Gap, The Design and Standards Gap, The Performance Gap and The Communications Gap
  • Identify best practices for closing each of the provider gaps.
  • Apply the Gaps Model of Service Quality to your organization

Chapter Presentations

  • What is Service Quality?
  • Why do Organizations Care About Service Quality?
  • How Firms Deliver Consistent Service Quality
  • Service Gap 1: The Listening Gap
  • Service Gap 2: The Design and Standards Gap
  • Service Gap 3: The Performance Gap
  • Service Gap 4: The Communication Gap
  • Service Quality Summary and Conclusions

Estimated time required to complete the course: 6-10 hours.

This Course Is A Required Course For The W. P. Carey Customer Experience Certificate

Who Should Take This Course

 Managers of individual contributors who make or influence decisions about service quality in areas such as strategy, customer experience, support service, and operations.

Course Pricing

Individual Rates

Center Member Rate: $495 per person

Non-Member Rate: $550 per person

Customer Experience Certificate Participants: $450 per person
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