“Service Excellence: Creating Customer Experiences that Build Relationships. Interview with Dr. Ruth Bolton”

“Transformative Service Research: A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Service and Well-being”

“Customer Rage Study: Interview With Scott Broetzmann and Mary Murcott”

“Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Create Value”

“Profiting from Services and Solutions”

Leaders of product-based companies are under an enormous pressure to stay competitive by shifting revenues from selling goods to delivering services and solutions. Yet few executives realize the extent to which they must change their organizations to succeed in growth through services. In today’s podcast, Dr. Mary Jo Bitner, Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Services Leadership at W. P. Carey School of Business and Dr. Steve Brown, Emeritus Professor and Strategic Partner of the INSIGHT Group, talk about their new book Profiting from Services and Solutions: What Product-Centric Firms Need to Know. The book discusses key success factors that can help product-centric companies to succeed in transforming their businesses. The book draws on the authors’ years of academic research and consulting work with several Fortune 100 member companies. You can find it on Amazon and Business Express Press website. Visit Center for Services Leadership blog for information about the book and special pricing offer from ISSIP.

“Leveraging Technology to Advance Service – A Research Priority for the Science of Service”

This podcast is the third in the series of podcasts from the Journal of Services Research devoted to the research priorities developed by the Center for Services Leadership. The podcast features a conversation with Kevin Burkhard, CSL Director of Strategic Initiatives, Gary Bridge, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Global Lead, Cisco Systems, and Dr. Michael Goul, Chair and Professor, Innovation Systems, W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

“Measuring and Optimizing the Value of Service – Research Priorities for the Science of Service”

This podcast features Dr. Vicki Smith Daniels, Professor of Supply Chain Management and CSL Research Faculty at Arizona State University, with Chris Melocik, Senior Vice President, Integration and Process Improvement, Republic Services. The podcast focuses on measuring and optimizing the value of service.

“Moving Forward and Making a Difference – Priorities for the Science of Service – Overview of the Project”

Given the significant, sustained growth in services experienced worldwide, Arizona State University’s Center for Services Leadership embarked on an 18-month effort to identify and articulate a set of global, interdisciplinary research priorities focused on the science of service. This podcast gives an overview of the project from Dr. Mary Jo Bitner and Dr. Amy Ostrom, two of the article’s co-authors.

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