Laurel Anderson, Arizona State University
Andrea Ordanini, Bocconi University, Italy
Mary Jo Bitner, Arizona State University
Antonella Caru, Bocconi University, Italy
Andrew S. Gallan, Case Western Reserve University

This international research project examines customer-focused service innovation and customer co-creation processes in the healthcare industry in three different countries: US, Italy, and China. We seek to understand different styles and processes of co-creation and innovation, looking at leading and innovative hospitals across these three country contexts. To explore the phenomenon, we have used interpretive methodologies to gain an in-depth and holistic understanding of co-creation and customer-focused innovation styles, processes and meanings. We have conducted interviews with CEOs and other high-level hospital executives to explore processes, metaphors, and critical incidents in service co-creation and innovation. Our major contribution will be to better understand the theoretical and managerial development of service innovations specifically through the identification of co-creation processes and styles, cultural differences and similarities, and leader vs. innovator differences and similarities in processes/ styles. We will also reveal the negotiated meaning of co-created and customer-focused service innovation within the healthcare industry.


This work is supported in part by a grant from the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) and support from the Center for Services Leadership, Arizona State University.