Haluk Demirkan, University of Washington-Tacoma

A sustainable healthcare information system relies on ability to collect, process and transform healthcare data into information, knowledge and action to achieve cost-effective health outcomes on individual and population levels while meeting current consumer demands without reducing its capacity to provide for future. Healthcare providers have many complex and unique challenges. This paper proposes a systematic framework for conceptualizing the data-driven and mobile- and cloud-enabled smart healthcare systems. With adoption of smart healthcare systems,  – more service oriented, more instrumented (from sensors to smart phones for monitoring health), interconnected (local and global epidemiological patterns), and intelligent (algorithms help recognize patterns and suggest appropriate responses from lots of data) – healthcare organizations can provide cost effective quality healthcare services with less IT set-up cost and reduced risk.


Demirkan, H. (2013) “Smart Healthcare Systems Framework: More Service Oriented, Instrumented, Interconnected and Intelligent,” IEEE IT Professional, 38-45, September/October.