Haluk Demirkan, University of Washington Tacoma
Jim Spohrer, IBM Almaden Research Center

Systems thinking is an approach to understanding and modeling complex systems. Service science is the emerging study of service systems, which are an important type of complex systems with capabilities, constraints, rights, and responsibilities. Holistic service systems, such as households, universities, and cities are evolving rapidly within a nested-networked ecology. The challenge of defining progress in relation to improved quality of life is an especially thorny challenge in the context of holistic service systems. While service science is still relatively new, advances in service science can shed light on the future evolution of service thinking.

Demirkan, H. and Spohrer, J.C., (2014) “Systems Thinking: A Service Science Perspective”, Magazine of IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan), 55 (2), 132-129, published in Japanese and English