Taewon Suh, Texas State University
Mark B. Houston, Texas Christian University
Steven M. Barney, SSM Health Care
Ik-Whan G. Kwon, Saint Louis University

The way a firm fulfills (or fails to fulfill) its mission statement may play a role in internal marketing and affect its most committed employees. Our model suggests that mission fulfillment influences an employee’s motivation (i.e., employee engagement), social identity (organizational identification), and emotional resources (emotional exhaustion). These psychological states in turn drive affective commitment and turnover intentions, two variables of continued interest to researchers and managers. We find empirical support for this model using data from 3999 employees of a healthcare service system. For managers, our results imply the importance of aligning an organization’s actions with its stated mission, given that employees are attuned to and affected by such an alignment. Further, managers should actively communicate to employees the organization’s efforts and accomplishments in fulfilling its mission.


Suh, Taewon, Mark B. Houston, Steven Barney and Ik-Whan G. Kwon (2011), “The Impact of Mission Fulfillment on the Internal Audience: Psychological Job Outcomes in a Service Setting,” Journal of Service Research, 14 (May), forthcoming.