Hulda G. Black, Illinois State University
Andrew S. Gallan, DePaul University

Fundamental to emerging theories of value cocreation is a developing awareness that value emerges in networks. This has awakened constituents to the realization that value constellations exist to coproduce value that extends beyond monetary measures to a broader set of elements. In response to this new reality, this paper conceives of cocreated value in a health service network as a patient’s health and well-being. Based upon a typology of value-creating interaction styles, a conceptual framework of relationships among entities in a service network is developed. Subsequently, research propositions are developed regarding the structural and relationship properties of networks that advance theory of value cocreation. A health care service network is utilized to illustrate how relationships among network entities impact the health and well-being of patients. Implications for managers include ways to engage service network entities to enhance communication to foster a balanced, mutualistic relationship that optimizes cocreated value.


This paper is forthcoming in The Service Industries Journal, special Transformative Service Research issue (2): Black, Hulda, and Andrew S. Gallan (2015), “Transformative Service Networks: Cocreated Value as Well-Being,” special Transformative Service Research (2) issue of The Service Industries Journal, 35 (15), 826-845.