Nelson Pinho, University of Porto
Gabriela Beirão, University of Porto
Lia Patrício, University of Porto
Raymond P. Fisk, Texas State University

Service research has traditionally focused on dyadic relationships between customer and service provider, but the service environment has become more complex. This paper presents a qualitative study of value co-creation from the perspective of multiple stakeholders in complex networks, in the context of the Portuguese national health record. Study results show that for patients, physicians, nurses and pharmacists in this complex setting, traditional service quality dimensions such as ease of use and reliability are still important, but new dimensions arise related to how the service enables value creation by supporting collaboration among stakeholders. These results indicate that managers should go beyond dyadic relationships to carefully design their services to support value co-creation among different actors in the value network.


Pinho, Nelson, Gabriela Beirão, Lia P. Patrício, and Raymond Fisk, (2014),”Understanding value co-creation in complex services with many actors“, Journal of Service Management, Vol. 25 Iss 4 pp. 470 – 493