In March 2007, Choi and Dooley invited a group of interested supply chain scholars to meet in Tempe to share their research agendas. Attending the meeting were Jamison Day (University of Houston), David Dilts (Vanderbilt University), Anand Nair (University of South Carolina), Surya Pathak (Vanderbilt University) and William Sawaya (Cornell University). The major outcome of the meeting was the formation of an informal research group called Complex Adaptive Supply Networks.

In the spring of 2008, Choi and Dooley proposed the formation of the Center for Supply Networks (CaSN) to W. P. Carey School of Business Dean Robert Mittelstaedt. He encouraged and stimulated the formation of the center with seed money of $25,000. The center was launched in April 2009.

During the summer of 2016, we were asked to change the name of our group to more appropriately capture what we do. We polled our members and decided on the new name, Complex Adaptive Supply Networks Research Accelerator (CASN-RA).