Time to think

A Forbes article that references to our research illustrates American’s always plugged-in mentality doesn’t give our minds a chance to just drift.

For many of us, we’re on our digital devices for most of our waking hours. If we’re not checking email or on social media, we’re working on them during meetings or using them to get a project done. And therein lies the problem. We go from one digital activity to another, hardly taking the time to think, to just let our minds wander. This Forbes article published on March 10, 2017, makes a strong case based on research for allowing ourselves to reflect and cites our study:

“Americans are addicted to their jobs,” Ben Steverman recently wrote in Bloomberg, reporting on a new paper by economists Alexander Bick of Arizona State University, Bettina Bruggemann of McMaster University in Ontario, and Nicola Fuchs-Schundeln of Goethe University Frankfurt. The study shows that people in the U.S. work almost 25% more hours than Europeans.

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