Top takeaways from the 2017 Customer Rage Study

The latest survey found consumer problems are up and corporate complaint-handling improved.

This eighth Customer Rage Study shows Americans are unsatisfied with the products and services we buy, leaving people feeling frustrated and angry. Despite big money spent on customer-service programs, consumers who complained are still not happy with the way their complaints are handled, jeopardizing repeat business. Customers reported slight improvements in complaint-handling satisfaction in the new survey, but it’s still a failing grade.

In this Forbes post on Nov. 3, 2017:

“Resolution is the key word — customers want their problems resolved,” said Professor Mary Jo Bitner, executive director of the Center for Services Leadership. “Typically it takes multiple contacts before a problem is resolved, and too frequently there is not a satisfactory resolution. This is extremely frustrating and dissatisfying for customers.”

Learn more about Mary Jo Bitner, who is the Edward M. Carson Chair in Services Marketing.