Arizona Real Estate Market

Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale area is poised for change

Authentic. Unique. Experiential. Community. These buzz words are landing in cities across the country as more and more mixed-use projects aim to meet the market’s desire for something different. Not surprisingly, Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale are following suit. New residential, retail, and commercial projects starting to fill the real estate landscape are bringing entirely new experiences to the Valley.

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Financial Markets

Research debunks myth of stock market ‘weekend effect’

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Social, E-Commerce and Mobile Platforms

Turn up the volume: Strategies that increase user-generated content

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Supply Chain

As crises grow, ASU expert looks at humanitarian aid efficiency

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Consumer Behavior

Goods that are ‘too pretty to use’ could have big effect on sustainability

Research finds that people are less likely to use and enjoy beautiful …

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