Lessons learned on Earth may soon go deep into space

Professor of Management and PetSmart Chair in Leadership Jeff LePine is half-way through a multiyear grant from NASA to study how astronauts — and the rest of us — can more easily and efficiently make transitions between daily tasks. Find out what's the next frontier for ASU and NASA.

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Competitive Strategy

Helping businesses run smarter

The first Economic Club of Phoenix Luncheon of the 2017-2018 season features Ken Lamneck, president and CEO of Insight. He discusses how technology is both supporting and becoming business, and why companies must …

Supply Chain

Supply selection is more than a roll of the dice

What influences supply chain managers to make one decision over another and take risks in the purchasing process? Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management Thomas Kull delves into the factors that affect …


Too-frequent feedback can sink workers’ performance

New research by Assistant Professor of Accounting Pablo Casas-Arce finds professionals do better when they receive detailed assessments less …


In demand: Soft skills give grads edge in job market

Senior Lissa Leibson has been organizing events big and small since she was a teenager, so she jumped at the chance to serve as a director for Camp Carey, the business school’s outdoor getaway for incoming freshman. …

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