Under attack: how companies respond when hedge funds push for change

Until now, there has been little information about how firms respond to hedge fund challenges and demands for change. A new paper by Associate Professor of Accounting Yinghua Li and her co-authors shows company managers don’t sit idly by when their performance is attacked. Instead, they tend to withhold bad news and manipulate earnings to make the company — and themselves — look better.

Uber pushed the limits of the law. Now comes the reckoning

The ride-sharing giant has enjoyed an unconventional and nonstop rise to the top. Now it’s being probed by the Department of Justice for several illegal activities. Professor Emeritus Marianne Jennings offers her insight on how the company sunk to this point.

Stock options may help firms hide fraud

Everyone knows that crime pays, and there will always be businesses that succumb to the temptation to commit fraud. But it’s not just the perpetrators who can make money from financial misdeeds, according to research by Associate Professor Andrew Call.