Stock options may help firms hide fraud

Everyone knows that crime pays, and there will always be businesses that succumb to the temptation to commit fraud. But it’s not just the perpetrators who can make money from financial misdeeds, according to research by Associate Professor Andrew Call.

Accounting or allegiance: What really opens World Bank coffers?

Ask the 3,000 impoverished Ethiopian women who received special credit lines so they could start their own businesses: World Bank loans change lives. Just what is the World Bank? Started after World War II, it was created to help nations rebuild, says Assistant Professor of Accounting Phil Lamoreaux.

Far from frivolous: The power of strong lawsuits

Insider trading erodes confidence in the stock market and reduces investor participation in a market they figure is rigged on behalf of the rich and powerful. Can shareholder lawsuits deter this self-serving behavior? According to Associate Professor of Accountancy Yinghua Li, the answer is yes, depending on who brings suit.