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Conference on Pricing Climate Risk: Refocusing the Climate Policy Debate¹

April 12-13, 2013 at Tempe Mission Palms, Tempe, AZ
It is widely recognized that the failure to place a price on greenhouse gas emissions in many countries–notably the US and China–is a crucial obstacle to effectively controlling those emissions and avoiding the harmful consequences of global climate change. The conference’s objective is to develop a […]

Conference: Macro Economics and the Environment: Climate Change, Policy Design, and Sustainability

There were several objectives of the one day conference held on May 5, 2011. There is broad recognition that the policies needed to address climate change and other global environmental problems are likely to have economy wide impacts. With a few notable exceptions, economic analyses of the large scale environmental issues have not exploited […]

Food Safety with Declining Budgets for Protection

Managing food safety in an era of far flung, global supply chains is a complex business. International trading partners can be prematurely blamed for contamination that their producers did not cause. Regardless, the public response can be devastating to their profit margins.
Our research, conducted before the most recent uptake in public interest in food […]

Re-thinking Residential Water Demand for the Arid Southwest

Residential water demand has reached a plateau and the number of customers is growing! This wasn’t supposed to happen and it is not limited to Phoenix and Tucson. It seems to be happening in California as well! Of course, this does not mean water scarcity has been avoided. Rather, it means that the nature […]

De-Mystifying Research Design and Measuring the Demand for Environmental Amenities

Find the right quasi-experiment, the source of an “accidental” assignment of people to different environmental treatments and…presto, you can recover the demand for an environmental amenity. If this were actually true, the life of a policy analyst would be easier.
The revolution in applied micro-economics calling for expanded use of quasi-experiments to measure the effects […]

Spatial Scale and Ecosystem Services

This topic area is a multi-faceted research initiative that includes a number of analysts from around ASU and affiliates at other universities. Professor Joshua Abbott of ASU’s School of Sustainability and Professor H. Allen Klaiber, a former CEESP Post-Doctoral Fellow, currently Assistant Professor at Ohio State University, have developed a new methodology for investigating […]

WikiLeaks, Drone Strikes, and Consumer Sovereignty

On June 15, 2011, the CIA officials announced the agency is planning a campaign of “targeted killings by drone aircraft against al-Qaeda militants in Yemen”. Apparently these types of attacks have been taking place since President George W. Bush’s administration and have been accelerated in recent years. Prior to WikiLeaks and the recent testimony […]

How Do Environmental Policy and Medicare Mix?

In March of this year EPA released the second round of its Prospective Reports. Under Section 812 of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, the agency is required to develop periodic reports that estimate the benefits and costs of the provisions of the Clean Air Act calling for restrictions that lead to less air […]

In China, Breathing Becomes a Childhood Risk

By Edward Wong from The New York Times
April 22, 2013

BEIJING — The boy’s chronic cough and stuffy nose began last year at the age of 3. His symptoms worsened this winter, when smog across northern China surged to record levels. Now he needs his sinuses cleared every night with saltwater piped through a machine’s […]

Key Details of EPA Carbon Emissions Proposal

By Coral Davenport
The New York Times
June 4, 2014
WASHINGTON — A rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency would cut carbon pollution from power plants 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030 – the equivalent, according to the agency, of taking two-thirds of all cars and trucks in America off the road. Here are some […]