Student Investment Management Fund

Undergraduate students in the Department of Finance can gain hands-on experience managing a real investment portfolio set up the same as it would be in the business marketplace. The undergraduate Student Investment Management Fund (SIM Fund) is a value-added benefit of being a finance bachelor’s degree candidate at Arizona State University. The fund is directed by Jack D. Furst Professor of Finance Sunil Wahal.

The fund is presented in a course involving a full academic year commitment, with two credits earned in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. Students are assigned specific management responsibilities such as trend analysis, strategy development and formulation of key indexes for gauging fund performance. This course requires initiative and dedication and provides the return of real-world experience.

The W. P. Carey MBA Investment Management Fund was established in 1996 by the Department of Finance at Arizona State University. Initial contributions to the fund were provided by generous private donors and the ASU Foundation Endowment Fund.

The goal of the MBA fund is to provide participating students with practical, hands-on experience in portfolio management and securities analysis while they earn credit towards their degrees. In addition, students are exposed to other aspects of money management, including various administrative duties. A team of students is selected each year through a competitive process. Team members actively manage the fund during the second year of their MBA program. The portfolio of investments represents a diverse collection of investment vehicles, ranging from equities to fixed-income securities. Equity investments cover companies that extend across many industries.

Fund Advisory Board presentations

A Fund Advisory Board composed of investment professionals oversees the fund, and twice a year the students present reports to the board that include fund performance and rationale for fund decisions and management.

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Attention prospective students:

The SIM Fund application deadline has been extended from March 23, 2020 to April 30, 2020 due to the current extraordinary circumstances

Spring 2021

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Current UG1 SIM Fund reports

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Prior MBA SIM Fund reports

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