To cultivate an environment in which students and mentors can build professional relationships to promote guidance, growth and development within the Real Estate field.

This program is designed to give students access to an experienced individual to turn to for guidance, advice and direction, and to help students broaden their professional networks, enhance their classroom experience, and prepare for and acquire insights into the job search process. The official program will conclude at the end of the academic year; however, we hope that the program will provide the foundation for an on-going professional relationship.


The Mentor program is exclusive to current MRED students. Students are matched with MRED alumni who are working professionals at the top of their game. The program provides a valuable opportunity for students to be mentored by Alumni who are working in development, investments, capital markets, management, banking, brokerage, corporate real estate, among others. The program adds an important dynamic to what students will gain while attending the MRED program. The goal is to enhance the student experience by creating relationships with Alumni who have shared the same educational experience.IMPORTANT NOTE: The Center for Real Estate Mentorship Program is NOT a job placement program. Mentors are NOT expected to ensure jobs for their Mentees.

MRED Alumni Mentors…Requirements include: Alumni mentors must be employed and have graduated from the program prior to Class of 2017. Mentors must meet with up to three (3) Mentees twice per semester, help with synthesis projects by advising and guiding current students, introduce your Mentee(s) to industry professionals and aid in networking activities.

To become a mentor, please fill out a short application by clicking HERE.

Mentor Requirements & Responsibilities

We will do our best to match based on availability, career goals/interests of the student and the professional experiences of the mentor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While we do our best to make the best match possible, not all matches will align directly to a specific area of interest.