CARISCA: Meeting the needs of supply chain professionals

CARISCA is creating professional development programs in supply chain management as part of its education and training portfolio. 

In September-October 2021, CARISCA is hosting the workshop “Managing Supply Chain Risk and Resilience in a Developing Economy” in Kumasi and Takoradi, Ghana. Participants can upgrade their professional skills in risk management and expand their expertise in developing and executing organizational resilience strategies in complex and uncertain procurement and supply chains environments.  

This three-day training workshop was designed for procurement and supply chain practitioners and professionals working for governmental and non-governmental entities.

Operating under complexity

Businesses continue to operate in an increasingly complex and interconnected global environment. Major supply chains experience surprising disruptions, risks and uncertainty – critical challenges that require your attention and leadership. 

Managing risks and building resilience into an organization’s supply chains in this environment are essential skills for professionals and practitioners responsible for managing complex procurement and supply chain processes. 

This workshop will provide supply chain professionals with the relevant tools and insights required to effectively manage the risks while improving the resilience level of organizational supply chains. This training will focus on the necessary skills to identify, analyze and apply relevant tools and methods to mitigate risks to supply chains. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand supply chain risk management in uncertain business environments 
  • Identify the major sources of supply chain risk
  • Identify strategies required to analyze and manage risk in supply chains
  • Analyze the consequences of risk occurrence in supply chains and the mitigation strategies required to address such consequences
  • Evaluate supply chain risk control mechanisms and strategies for building a resilient supply chain in uncertain business environments.

Want to learn more about future programs? 

Additional programs are planned for 2021-2022. For more information about CARISCA’s professional development and executive education programs, please contact:

Dr. John Frimpong, or Jacob Kuutuome,

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