New article in Supply Chain Management Review

CARISCA is pleased to share a new article from Supply Chain Management Review titled “Out of Africa.”  This article comes out of the CARISCA project and is authored by Adegoke Oke, Nathaniel Boso and John Serbe Marfo. Goke is on the faculty here at ASU, and Nat and John are faculty at KNUST.

Our friends at Supply Chain Management Review are allowing people from around the world to access this interesting piece outside the paywall for a limited time. As you probably know, Supply Chain Management Review is a respected publication, and we are excited about this new article from the CARISCA project. As you know, there are a lot of opportunities across the growing continent of Africa, and we are proud that our CARISCA faculty are helping highlight these opportunities. 

Dale Rogers

ON Semiconductor Professor of Business
Executive Director, CARISCA: Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain – Africa
Director, Frontier Economies Logistics Lab
Co-Director, Internet Edge Supply Chain Lab