CARISCA scholar learns lesson in success

Many people take a lifetime to understand what really matters in life. Yussif Iddrisu learned it early. 

“My own perception of success is, you have the ability to help somebody grow,” says Iddrisu, sales and marketing manager for Kasima, an agricultural supply chain company. “That is where inner peace lies.” 

Yussif Issrisu
Yussif Iddrisu at his 2022 graduation

Iddrisu graduated from KNUST in 2022 with a master’s degree in logistics and supply chain management, with support from a CARISCA scholarship. He credits CARISCA with helping to form his attitude toward success. 

“But for CARISCA, I wouldn’t be here,” says Iddrisu, referring to his ability to pursue his chosen career in business. “It has opened so many doors for me. CARISCA has taught me a lesson to give back to society.” 

A desire thwarted, then rekindled 

Raised in a polygamous family in Tamale, Ghana, Iddrisu was the youngest of nine children. Financial difficulties prevented him from completing his secondary education at one of Tamale’s top high schools. As a result, he had to switch from studying accounting to auto mechanics. 

From there, he went to a teacher training college and then worked as a teacher for about five years. Afterward Iddrisu enrolled at KNUST for an undergraduate degree in sociology. 

Unable to land a job in social work after graduation, Iddrisu found a position as a procurement assistant for a small company in Accra. 

“That was where my desire to go into the business rekindled,” says Iddrisu. “I started to develop a love for procurement—or supply chain—as a profession.” 

After working at the company for 16 months, Iddrisu returned to KNUST to pursue his master’s degree. Following his admission, he received an email about scholarships available through CARISCA. 

He quickly applied, was called for an interview and earned a scholarship to help cover tuition expenses. In addition to the financial support from the scholarship, Iddrisu has taken advantage of many CARISCA programs. 

“Any training, workshop, anything that has to do with education as far as CARISCA is concerned, if it is within my means, I register,” says Iddrisu. “They have helped me in dealing with the supply chains that I am involved in, in terms of how to motivate a better outcome. It is so beneficial.” 

A drive to give back 

After teaching and getting his bachelor’s degree, Iddrisu felt that anything less than a professional career was unacceptable. He feels fortunate that the CARISCA scholarship and programming has enabled him to embark on a career in supply chain management. 

He has become a member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply and is pursuing his certification. Iddrisu’s long-term goal is to be a supply chain consultant. 

Along the way, he hopes to help others who could use a hand up like he was given. He is especially interested in improving the lives of women who work in the agriculture industry. 

“Becoming a supply chain consultant would pave the way for me to be able to help the needy in the society, especially those who cannot access education,” says Iddrisu. “The long and short of it is that CARISCA has taught me a lesson to give back. That is what is driving me.”