Evans Amoah

Funding Curiosity

Evans Amoah is one of the recipients of CARISCA’s PhD scholarships, and over the next several years he will have the opportunity to study what he has always been curious and passionate about, information communication technology (ICT), and how it impacts the lives of people and society.

Sneak Peek: StockUp App

CARISCA is developing StockUp, a mobile learning game simulation that will help health care professionals learn about supply chain management practices so they can keep the shelves stocked with vital health care commodities.

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Global Sourcing and Distribution

On April 28 and 29, 2021, supply chain researchers and practitioners gathered for a virtual forum to discuss global sourcing and distribution. The event’s goal was to inform supply chain practitioners, academics, and the public about global sourcing and distribution issues and innovative practices for solving complex problems. The event hosted six subject matter experts from diverse supply chain sectors.

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The Logistics of Transformation

CARISCA awarded 21 PhD and 45 master’s degree scholarships to Ghanaian students with financial need to study the critical discipline of supply chain management at KNUST.

Ambassador Sullican visits KNUST in April 2021

U.S. Ambassador Visits KNUST

U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Ghana, Stephanie S. Sullivan (center in gray suit) visited KNUST on April 21, 2021, to learn more about the many ways that KNUST is contributing to Ghana’s prosperity through U.S. government-funded projects like CARISCA. 

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Opinion: The untapped role of universities in scaling innovation

In an opinion piece on the Devex website, Arizona State University President Michael Crow weighs in on the importance of higher education partnerships in meeting global development challenges, including projects like CARISCA. Photo by Barrett Ward on Unsplash

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Building a Center to Drive Supply Chain Excellence in Africa

Dear Colleagues, The Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain Africa CARISCA) is an opportunity to improve supply chains in Ghana and across Africa and build institutions, structures, processes, and research capacity that can increase inclusion and improve the lives of Africans. In CARISCA’s first six months, we laid the operational groundwork that …