Examining the relationship between dimensions of supply chain integration, operational performance and firm performance: evidence from Ghana
Published March 3, 2022, in Management Research Review
Authors: Benjamin Agyei-Owusu, David Asamoah, Dorcas Nuertey, Ishmael Nanaba Acquah

This study of manufacturing and service firms in Ghana examines the relationship between dimensions of supply chain integration, operational performance and firm performance. It found that internal integration had positive and significant effects on customer integration, supplier integration and firm performance. Customer integration also had positive and significant effects on operational performance and firm performance. Additionally, operational performance mediated the effect of customer integration on firm performance. 

Customer integration and customer value: contingency roles of innovation capabilities and supply chain network complexity
Published Feb. 28, 2022, in Supply Chain Management
Authors: Alexander Otchere Fianko, Dominic Essuman, Nathaniel Boso, Abdul Samed Muntaka

While it is known that customer integration enhances customer value, the mechanisms and conditions under which this occurs are less understood. This research project demonstrates how process and product innovation capabilities uniquely, and in interaction with supply chain network complexity, transform the relationship between customer integration and customer value.

Effect of corporate environmental strategies on firms’ competitiveness, the mediating role of supply chain collaboration
Published Feb. 18, 2022, in Journal of Global Responsibility
Authors: Kwame Owusu Kwateng, Francis Kamewor Tetteh, Hunaisu Ben Atchulo, Shirley Opoku-Mensah

Companies can sustain a competitive advantage by outlining and implementing appropriate environmental strategies, according to this study’s findings. While supply chain collaboration is not a significant predictor of competitiveness, it does play an indirect role in enhancing the relationship between corporate environmental strategies and firms’ competitiveness. Environmental strategies are a significant predictor of collaboration in a company’s supply chain.

Enterprise Risk Management and Information Technology Security in the Financial Sector
Published Feb. 8, 2022, in Information and Computer Security
Authors: Kwame Owusu Kwateng, Christopher Amanor, Francis Kamewor Tetteh

This study reveals that enterprise risk management (ERM) has a substantial positive effect on information technology security within financial institutions in Ghana. ERM studies in the African context are rare, so this paper provides a new perspective toward the understanding of the relationship between ERM and IT security, especially in the financial industry. It shows that a well-managed risk helps to eliminate ineffective, archaic and redundant technology as the originator of rising perils and organizational concerns in today’s corporate financial institutions.

Out of Africa 
Published Feb. 1, 2022, in Supply Chain Management Review
Authors: Adegoke Oke, Nathanial Boso, John Serbe Marfo

Despite the challenges of working in an emerging market like Africa, the authors of this article demonstrate that there is ongoing innovation and an improving logistics and production environment on the continent. They conclude that operating in Africa, or involving Africa in global supply chains, may be a case of “those who dare, win.”