Many people in Sub-Saharan Africa use their phones to access the internet. To create training opportunities for a wide range of supply chain learners and practitioners, CARISCA is developing free mobile apps like StockUP: The Clinic to reach learners on their phones.

Mockup illustrations of CARISCA's StockUP app, a learning simulation

StockUP: The Clinic is a free mobile app built for Android and iOS mobile phones and accessible in low- and middle-income countries. It follows the journey of a young professional in health care while teaching supply chain skills through games. Mobile learning game simulations can provide an alternative or a supplement to more formal educational practices, and no prior supply chain knowledge is needed! Once downloaded, learners can play continuously without an internet connection. Playing straight through should take three to four hours. 

StockUP aims to empower healthcare workers by teaching the foundational skills of supply chain through an engaging and educational simulation. For those making health supply chain-related decisions but do not have formal training in the subject, StockUp: The Clinic will provide forecasting, stocking and ordering skills. StockUP: The Clinic will equip players with the tools and knowledge for better decision-making in their daily activities.

StockUP: The Clinic will be available for download in January 2022.

Test drive StockUP

Instructions for downloading the APK (Android application package) to an Android device:

  1. Make sure that all previous iterations of the application are deleted from the device (if applicable).
  2. Enter the URL: into your browser.
    • A Google Drive page will load with one file, the APK (Android application package) that contains the application.
  3. Double-click on the file to download the file onto the phone. 
    • It may not be trusted on your device, but select download (if applicable). 
  4. The app download should start automatically, wait for the entire process to complete.
  5. The app should now be installed on the phone.
  6. Select open app and begin playing!

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Test drive StockUP: The Clinic