John Serbe Marfo

John Serbe Marfo

Senior Technical Advisor and Component 2 Co-Lead

Dr. John Serbe Marfo is a Lecturer at the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems at the KNUST School of Business. He has a PhD in Information Systems. He is a researcher and a consultant in supply chain digitalization, information systems, health informatics, big data analytics and eLearning. His recent research work in supply chain digitalization focuses on the use of drone technology as a logistics tool to improve health care delivery and supply chains.

Beyond research, Dr. Marfo has been a lead technology consultant and systems developer for several innovative technological related projects in various African countries. In Ghana, Dr Marfo was the lead technology consultant and systems developer for the countries Enterprise Postal System which is used by 388 post offices in Ghana across 16 regions. The system is used to provide tracking and visibility for most courier demand in Ghana. The system integrates with DHL and EMS to track courier services globally.

Dr. Marfo was also the lead technology consultant and systems developer in developing and scaling RxClaim – a health insurance claim management system with big data capabilities – for the private health insurance sector of Ghana. The system is currently used by 15 health insurance firms in Ghana and deployed to over 1,390 health facilities across all the 16 regions in Ghana. RxClaim has also been adopted in Nigeria by the Health Management Organisation (HMO) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) to scaled to 420 health facilities across 6 states in Nigeria. Currently, International SOS has also adopted the RxClaim to deploy across 15 countries in Africa. Deployment of the system has begun in Angola for 70 health facilities in the country.

In the fintech space, Dr. Marfo recently led a team of technology developers to develop and deploy GHPostPAY an electronic financial platform with mobile money capabilities in Ghana. The project is funded and supported by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) through its Financial Inclusion Technical Assistance Facility (FITAF).

Beyond these stated technologically innovative projects, Dr. Marfo has been a technology consultant for many other global firms including IQVIA – one of the largest health information technology and clinical research firms in the world. In his works, Dr. Marfo has collaborated with several experts across different parts of the globe to scale technological innovations which are transforming several industries and supply chains, especially in health.

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