Warehousing and Inventory Management, Challenges and Solutions

A CARISCA Framework

On November 18, 2020, CARISCA hosted its first semi-annual Supply Chain Action Labs for Engagement (SCALE) meeting with African, U.S., and international partners to discuss emerging trends and best practices for warehousing goods. Over 150 attended the event, representing organizations ranging from large and small Ghanaian firms as well as multinational Fortune 500 companies from the U.S. 

Guest speakers included:

  1. Samuel Donkor, President, Pharmaceutical Importers and Wholesalers Association
  2. Abdul Muntaka, department chair, KNUST, and CARISCA senior technical advisor, presented on behalf of Alhaji Abdul-Hanan Wahab Aludiba CEO, Ghana National Food Buffer Stock Company
  3. Karl Siebrecht, CEO and Co-Founder, FLEXE
  4. Afolayan Seyinde, CEO, Haul 247

Moderator Matilda Owusu-Bio, KNUST faculty member and CARISCA senior technical advisor, led the panel discussion, covering topics ranging from the nature and extent of warehousing and inventory challenges and possible solutions, and discussing the role of women and disadvantaged groups in warehousing and inventory management.

Key takeaways:

  1. It is vital to reduce the cost of logistics through software/tracking systems in Ghana.
  2. Capacity-building of personnel in warehousing and inventory is critical to future success.
  3. Job creation for women and disadvantaged groups is an ongoing challenge — and opportunity — for sector growth.
  4. Cold chain transportation in Ghana and Africa is an area ripe for future exploration.

A lively chat indicated that participants were excited about CARISCA and eager to learn more. In the post event survey, several participants said they were planning on making changes to their organizations. One participant said they would actively work to ensure a good supply chain link between all their suppliers, whether in the upstream or downstream.

Feedback from participants and ongoing stakeholder engagement activities will inform future webinars. The next event is planned for April 2021.