Building a Future-Ready Supply Chain Industry

COVID laid bare the vulnerability of the supply chain industry, when the whole world virtually shut down. At the same time, a big disconnection was revealed among researchers, practitioners and policymakers with regard to supply chain issues.

The key to building a future-ready supply chain industry lies in the untapped potential that comes from creating synergy among these groups. That was the topic of the latest event in our Distinguished Lecture Series, held on May 22.

Nannette Atuahene, a leadership and organizational effectiveness consultant who splits her time between Ghana and the U.S., delivered the lecture.

“When we are faced with many problems, many opportunities exist to solve them,” said Atuahene. “The question is, how do we set up effective and efficient communication systems between academia, industry and policymakers to bolster innovation, solutions and an upgraded supply chain industry?”

Her May 22 lecture looked at the challenges that currently exist in the supply chain industry, in academia, practice and policymaking. It addressed how to overcome those challenges and the opportunities for practitioners, academia and policymakers to work together to move the supply chain industry forward. 

Attendees received practical tips on how to create, obtain and utilize data and case studies to move their research and businesses forward. They also learned how to create effective synergies among academia, practitioners and policymakers.

About the speaker:

Nannette Atuahene was born and raised in the United States to a mother and father who were from Kumasi, Ghana. As an adult, she splits the year between living in Ghana and California.

She is a real estate investor and broker and founder of On Our Watch Global, LLC, a leadership development and organizational effectiveness consultancy. She also contributes her time and expertise to the community, primarily by empowering youth on the streets of Ghana and working with several Ghanaian NGOs.