Building a Future-Ready Supply Chain Industry

Join us May 22 for the next event in our Distinguished Lecture Series. On Our Watch Global founder Nannette Atuahene will talk about “Building a Future-Ready Supply Chain Industry.”

Graphic for Feb. 15, 2024 Distinguished Lecture

Research-based Innovation in Africa

The African continent boasts many riches: 60% of the world’s arable lands, 30% of the mineral reserves and a young population. But it also shoulders 25% of the global disease burden and accounts for only 3% of global GDP, according to a 2022 Brookings report. When it comes to research and innovation, the stats are …

Graphic for Sept. 15, 2023 Distinguished Lecture Series

Developing and Utilizing Relational Political Resources to Navigate Institutional Complexities

Counterfeit and pirated goods are a problem globally. The fake-goods market has been valued higher than the GDP of some major economies, including those of Ireland, Portugal and Israel. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the problem is especially acute—and life-threatening. More than 435,000 deaths per year are linked to falsified or substandard antimalarial drugs and antibiotics alone. …

Graphic for August 24 Distinguished Lecture Series

Dare to Cheat? The Liabilities of Newness and Foreignness in Containing Sustainability Fraud in China

As stakeholder pressure to protect the environment grows dramatically, sustainability fraud—fraud and misconduct committed with sustainability data—has become a growing concern in operations and supply chain management. Many large corporations have been found guilty of making deceptive claims of being environmentally compliant. Why do some companies cheat when reporting their environmental data, while others do …

Graphic of lecture by Stephan Wagner

Startups in the Supply Chain Ecosystem—Practice and Research

Startups are associated with innovation, emerging technologies, digitalization and disruptive business models. But the scholarly supply chain, logistics and operations management literature has up to now paid little attention to startups’ role in the supply chain ecosystem.  Stephan Wagner, professor and chair of logistics management at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich), …

Graphic for 2-9-23 Distinguished Lecture

Seaports and African Trade: the Role of Ports in Africa’s Economic Growth

Africa’s port infrastructure presents both challenges and opportunities for the development of trade. Among the key challenges is congestion, which leads to long cargo dwell time at the ports. Port congestion was already an issue on the continent long before the COVID-19 era.  On Feb. 9, Frank Ojadi from the Lagos Business School faculty talked about …