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Seaports and African Trade: the Role of Ports in Africa’s Economic Growth

Africa’s port infrastructure presents both challenges and opportunities for the development of trade. Among the key challenges is congestion, which was an issue on the continent long before the COVID-19 era. Another is the need for investment and technological advances to support mega shipping vessels.

On Feb. 9, Frank Ojadi from the Lagos Business School faculty will talk about the latest paradigm shifts in ports globally and the role ports are now playing to enhance trade. He will address why ports in other areas of the world play a much more important role than they do in Africa.

In his presentation, part of CARISCA’s Distinguished Lecture Series, Ojadi will first look at the fundamentals and history of port development in Africa. He will cover the early growth period and the role ports have traditionally played in African trade. He also will offer insights with respect to colonial-era port development on the continent.

Ojadi will look at the challenges African ports need to overcome to make supply chains on the continent more efficient. This issue is especially urgent considering the rollout of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which is hindered by current port infrastructure.

Other key questions the presentation will address include: How can African ports help support regional growth? How can the proper development of African ports support the hinterland regions? How can sustainability be addressed through port infrastructure?

Speaker Biography:

Frank Ojadi has served on the faculty of Lagos Business School for more than 20 years. Among his teaching and research interests is the design and implementation of logistics and supply chain management improvement methodologies.

He has published numerous journal articles, book chapters and case studies on a range of topics, including maritime administration and security and seaport operations. Ojadi holds a PhD in transport economics from the University of Johannesburg.

Before entering academia, Ojadi worked at various times as an operations planning, logistics and supply chain manager. His industry experience spans the steel, aluminum, paper, pharmaceutical, tobacco, and car-hire sub-sectors of the Nigerian economy.

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