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New continuing professional development courses set for 2023

CARISCA is pleased to announce a new series of short courses for supply chain practitioners who want to enhance their professional knowledge and skills. These continuing professional development (CPD) courses are designed to help SCM staff and managers keep pace with changing industry standards and improve supply chain outcomes across Africa. The CPDs are practical, …

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Seaports and African Trade: the Role of Ports in Africa’s Economic Growth

Africa’s port infrastructure presents both challenges and opportunities for the development of trade. Among the key challenges is congestion, which leads to long cargo dwell time at the ports. Port congestion was already an issue on the continent long before the COVID-19 era.  On Feb. 9, Frank Ojadi from the Lagos Business School faculty talked about …

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Writing for News Outlets

Knowing how to write for nonacademic audiences is a key skill for researchers who want to have an impact beyond professional journals. Industry, institutions, policymakers, the general public and other stakeholders need research findings communicated in simple terms to aid them in decision making. Being able to appeal to a larger audience beyond the academic …

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Thinking Beyond Procurement

Good procurement practices can increase a company’s profits by as much as 50%. And this profit growth comes without the added expense that expanding the firm’s market share would require.  “That’s one of the best illustrative examples I’ve ever seen to be able to talk to stakeholders about why it’s important to pay close attention …

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Supply Chain Action Network (SCAN) meeting

Supply chain financing is the next frontier in managing the supply chain. It involves more than just finance plus supply chain management. Supply chain financing (SCF) is using the supply chain to fund the organization, and using the organization to fund the supply chain. In emerging economies throughout Africa, adopting supply chain financing is an …

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Roadmap to Research: Creating Your Protocol

A research protocol is the detailed plan for a study, and it comes with several benefits. First, it forces you to think through the details of your research project in advance. Second, it provides a manual for collaborators and staff training. Third, it can serve as the basis for funding proposals or institutional review board …

Logistics Managers Index

Ghana’s second Logistics Managers Index reveals slow growth in logistics activities

The second quarter 2022 Logistics Managers Index for Ghana shows that growth in the logistics sector has slowed from the first quarter. This slower growth is due to economic pressures such as high inflation, the depreciation of the cedi against the dollar and the global supply chain disruptions impacting logistics in Ghana. The Logistics Managers …

Kevin Dooley Distinguished Lecture

Distinguished Lecture Series featuring Kevin Dooley

Opening the third year of CARISCA’s Distinguished Lecture Series, on October 20, 2022, was Kevin Dooley, a Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at Arizona State University. Dooley spoke on “Working With Industry on Supply Chain Sustainability Issues.”

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Writing for an Academic Audience

For academics, writing for an academic audience is an unavoidable skill. It requires attention to detail and a commitment to presenting well-supported ideas clearly. CARISCA held a workshop for faculty and students in October focused on writing for an academic audience. The facilitator, CARISCA Director Nathaniel Boso, took participants through a clinical session at the …